Rosie's Baptism
A Personal Case for Catholicism
We Can Believe - 2 Books!

Most Catholics are affected by various doubts and disbelief today. But we don't have to be. The purpose of these books is to cut through the confusion, so we may see how easy it is to believe in God, Jesus Christ and his Church, even if we currently have great doubt or little interest.

As generations of Catholics drift away from the faith, I am deeply troubled by the thought of these people one day standing before God, the father of Jesus crucified, after neglecting and forgetting His only beloved son. Thus, these books contain a case, based on evidence and reason, so we may confidently believe.

Each book website has links to free manuscripts and YouTube narrations for synopsis and book, a well as links to Amazon paperback and Kindle.

Peace, JB

It Makes Sense to Believe
For those who doubt or disbelieve...
or are lukewarm and disinterested...
Passing the Faith onto Loved Ones
For those who love the Church...
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