Pope Francis Celebrating Mass
A Personal Case for Catholicism
We Can Believe!

Most Catholics are affected by various doubts and disbelief today. But we don't have to be.

The purpose of this presentation is to cut through the confusion, so we may see how easy it is to believe in God, Jesus Christ and his Church, even if we currently have great doubt or little interest.

The presentation below is on YouTube in four parts. It steps through why it is so reasonable to believe and addresses many common areas of disbelief and social controversy.

Under the documents section, please find the presentation outline, script with references and credits, outreach note, and proposal/plan which lays out the rationale for this endeavor.

Peace, JB

Message to Pastors & Teachers
About this Project Video about this project (10 minutes)
A short overview of the rationale for this project and presentations like the one following.
Trailer & Presentation
The Trailer The Trailer (2 minutes)
Quick, two minute introduction.
Part 1 -- Is There A God? Part 1 -- Is There A God? (28 minutes, 5 of video)
Adhering to what is most likely true, does God exist?
Part 2 -- Did God Reveal Himself to Humanity? Part 2 -- Did God Reveal Himself? (25 minutes)
Using 10 criteria, evaluates some major faith options looking for the religion that possesses the fullness of divine revelation.
Part 3 -- Love vs Evil Part 3 -- Love vs Evil (30 minutes, 15 of video)
While applying the criteria to Catholicism, this part mostly considers evil within the context of divine love.
Part 4 -- Suffering to Glory Part 4 -- Suffering to Glory (45 minutes, 12 of must see video)
The final part considers suffering, sacrificial love, glory, and controversial issues as it completes its evaluation of Catholicism using the criteria.
Presentation at Our Lady of Fatima Parish
Presentation Outline Presentation Outline Presentation Outline
A one page outline to help follow along.
Script of Presentation Script of Presentation Script of Presentation
Also includes references and credits.
Outreach Note to Pastors and Faith Formation Directors Outreach Note Outreach Note
A flyer/letter sent to nearby parishes promoting this free presentation.
Message to Pastors & Teachers Message to Pastors Message to Pastors
Script also includes references.
Proposal/Plan Proposal/Plan Proposal/Plan
Provocatively worded, this short document provides the reason and context for the presentation, as well as next steps.
Contact Information
Please contact if you have any questions or feedback.
God bless! JB